There is a category of relationships which I like to call “Magical Hammer” relationships.

There is a beautiful hammer lying on the table. Maybe you love sparkles, and it has such pretty sparkles. Maybe you love good design, and it’s so smooth and perfectly well made. You just want to pick it up! But every time you do, you can’t control yourself and you start bashing your head with this hammer. It really hurts. So you put it down. Then you’re looking at it again. It’s just so beautiful! You just have to pick it up again…

This is a difficult relationship to make sense out of… it’s indescribably good and also just as miserable.

You might be wondering whether or not it’s worth it to stay. I can help you figure that out.

If you stay, how do you manage and still do what is best for you?

If you go, how can you keep away and get over it?

How about if you relapse… can you forgive yourself for it? It’s okay. Really. Just start again.

Relationships are the most accelerated way to grow in life. If you were by yourself, you would not learn nearly as fast. Yet, it can be so painful to be in a relationship, that you are ready to hyper-jump the already significant growth you are going through and get past it ASAP! When you come in to see me, I can help you move through this phase in your life and get to the other side as fast as you can


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